Black Takes On the Red Carpet: Heroin Film Review

Written by Tiara Jante

August 27, 2016

Heroin2In’s effort to support not only sci-fi films, but all films featuring diverse casts and storylines, this past weekend my comrade, M’shai S. Dash, and I headed to the outskirts of Philly to take on the Red Carpet premier of the independent film Heroin, and I must say the film and the overall experience was epic.  It was warming to see the community support as scores of people came out and filled up pretty much every seat at the historic Keswick Theatre—and both the producer,Rico Salam and director, Ryan Sellers were both gracious and entertaining hosts.

While there were plenty of laughs and humor presented throughout the film, Heroin is a film that tactfully and expertly touches on not only the devastating effects of a heroin addiction to the addict, but the effects it has on their loved ones. The film centers on Howard (Rodd Deon), a single father who struggles with an addiction to heroin; an addiction he seemingly acquired after the premature death of his wife.  As he deals with being placed in an all too common situation for addicts– where he is forced to come up with a large sum of money over a couple of days—or deal with the potentially deadly consequences, we watch him struggle with the difficulties of acquiring employment while doing his best to restrain his urges to shoot up.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Howard, his daughter Wanda (Keniesha Robinson), who after learning of her father’s situation, finds herself straying from her good girl lifestyle and hitting the streets in an effort to help her father pay off his debt. During Wanda’s journey we experience her struggle as a young black woman with little resources and strong moral values—obviously instilled by good parenting provided under extreme stress.  We observe her pain as she deals with a cheating boyfriend, and we admire the devotion and unconditional love she has for the father she’s been forced to take care of.

One twist in the film is the story within the story—which focuses on Leonard, (Chavez Legare) a young man with a disturbing obsession that ventures into voyeurism, stalking and something even more frightening. While at times this element of the story provides some much needed comic relief—it also successfully highlights a serious and far too common issue of obsessive behavior and the effects of unrequited attention on someone with a personality disorder.  Chavez definitely shines in this role.

Ultimately, the twists and turns within the movie were successful in weaving a savory tale of undying love, sacrifice, pain, addiction, and the road to recovery; while simultaneously emoting a relatability that is sometimes not well performed in similar films.  Heroin is  definitely a film I’ll be adding to my personal collection, as I look forward for more from the talented producer, director and cast members.  Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out the trailer below—then head to to download your copy today!

Tiara Janté is a Writer/Digital Journalist who enjoys producing content centered on blerd culture, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, topics pertaining to millennial women of color, and the hip hop culture.  She is a Staff Writer & Social Media Curator for, a contributor to xoNecole and a Co-Editor for Black Girl Magic Literary Magazine. She is also the author of the eBook, From Pitches to Bylines: A Few Helpful Tips for Digital Media Professionals, and is presently in the process of completing her debut Sci-Fi novel EXO.  A self-confessed social media junkie with a wealth of opinions, you can connect with her via her Website as well as her Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages.

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