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50 Comics To Read When Hollywood Doesn’t Give You Your Black Jedi

The Black Jedi seems to be the elusive unicorn in a never-ending fight for representation. I’m of course referring to the lack of one in Star Wars Episode VII, where Finn didn’t turn out to be the light-saber wielding master everyone hoped he would. As fleeting as it is, the Black Jedi, or lack of one, can be argued in all media and is indicative of the feelings of many marginalized groups, not just people of color. We all want to see ourselves represented in a way that gives thought to our humanity, struggles, power, triumphs, and ultimately makes us look cool while fighting each other with huge glow sticks in a distant galaxy.

That being said, I’m not going to stand around and wait for the Black Jedi to show up and represent me. Instead, I’m going to give you guys a list of fifty comics and their creators who, together, make up a massive Voltron-like machine of creations that are killing any notion of whether diverse storytellers exist. I’m not just talking black or white, male or female, gay or straight. I’m talking genre. I’m giving you sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy, drama, comedy. All of it.

So if you see anything that you like, don’t just say, “oh that’s cool,” close the browser window, and hop on your Twitter soap box about the lack of diversity. It’s right here. For your face. One click away.

We’ll be spotlighting five comics a week until we hit fifty. If any of these comics grab you, actually support the creators who are giving you the diversity you say you want. Not with Facebook likes. With money. That they can maybe pay rent with. Feed their families. Things like that.

So in honor of the upcoming Women’s History Month (March), we’re going to start this list off with some comics created by some very talented ladies. Without further ado, here we go…

Note: All story summaries are from the respective websites for each title.

Full Circle

Full Circle is an all-ages fantasy/adventure webcomic that follows Elsa and Rhadi on their adventures through the world of Ves. One wants to go home while the other wants to be anywhere but.

Creative Team:

Writer: Taneka Stotts

Artist: Christianne Goudreau

Colorist: Genué Revuelta



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