Are You a WRITER? Vantage:Inhouse Wants YOU!

October 26, 2022

Press Release

  • Vantage:Inhouse is opening up for submission from writers.
  • Slate for work will begin with relaunch of INC.Lings anthology series.
  • Submission requirements available on Vantage:Inhouse website.

As our fans can attest, award-winning, creator-owned imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions has seen spectacular growth over the last few years. From a slew of successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter (with projects earning a 320% funding average over the last three campaigns), to signing an exclusive 1st look media deal with Aha Media (a project development studio making waves in film, animation, and television), we’re expanding what it means to give the V:IP Treatment. After celebrating twelve (12) years of publishing, we’re ready to announce our next BIG move: Vantage:Inhouse wants you to WRITE their next big adventure!

Vantage:Inhouse is the brainchild of celebrated writer and geek personality, Victor Dandridge — lovingly referred to as “The Hardest Working Man in Comics!” He’s served as the brand’s exclusive writer, penning all eight (8) of our current roster of published comics (including The Samaritan and The Trouble w/Love), and as our characters are becoming more recognizable, he’s ready to give some fellow writers a chance to take them out for a spin.

Victor Dandrige of Vantage:Inhouse. Photo credit Vantage: Inhouse.

“It’s easy to be precious with the characters and stories I’ve created,” says Dandridge.  “I’m confident that the some thirty plus issues I’ve written can be a great foundation, not only for new stories, but for other talented folks looking to begin their writing careers!  Part of the merit of being the HWMiC is using my influence to open up doors for my peers — already, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best talents in the small press — why limit the V:IP family to just MY voice?”  

This doesn’t mean that Victor is stepping away from his writing duties completely, though! “I’ve still got some corners of the V:IP Universe to map out, but the goal here is to DEEPEN the character reverence and impact, WHILE continuing to expand. For our readers, it will be the best of both worlds.”

Preliminary requirements for submissions are already posted on the site (accessible through the CONTACT page). Our first project for inclusion will be the relaunch of the INC.Lings series (returning for it’s decennial in 2023), with our first wave of writers earning the chance to headline with new material for this reprint anthology. More information about the submissions calendar and the relaunch of the INC.Lings series will be announced at the turn of the year.


Writer. Publisher. Graphic Designer. Educator. Victor Dandridge is a leading voice for new innovation and production within the self-publishing market. He’s found acclaim with his own imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, the weekly, internet review series, Black, White & Read All Over, as well as pop culture conventions throughout the country. Wanting not only to entertain, but to also educate, Victor launched U Cre-8 Comics — a unique bridge between comics and classroom fundamentals.

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