Atlanta Based Organization Will Moderate An Event That Aims to Foster Technological Equity in Africa

March 17, 2023

Press Release

[Atlanta, GA] – SUBSUME has announced a partnership with Institute for African Futures (IF/AF) and Guild of Future Architects (GoFA) to moderate IF/AFRICA, a virtual event for executives, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, futurists, technologists, and thought leaders to discuss global technological and ecological forces that will shape Africa’s future and emergence. The event will take place online, March 25, 2023 and the goal is to get the world’s smartest minds in one space to facilitate the envisioning and shaping of a people-centric shared future for Africa.

Dedren Sneed, Founder of SUBSUME and a moderator of the event explains, “Our goal is to bring together the most brilliant minds from around the world and jointly imagine a future for Africa and its Diaspora that places its people at the forefront. We understand the significance of an all-encompassing conversation that addresses the opportunities and risks arising from technological and ecological transformations. Our objective is to create actionable solutions that empower African governments, workers, businesses, and society to take proactive measures towards preparing for the future.”

The virtual event will feature an exceptional lineup of speakers, including renowned futurists, experts in innovation and technology, and African business leaders who will share their perspectives on the importance of future thinking and strategic foresight in Africa and its diaspora. Panel discussions on various aspects of Africa’s emergence on the global innovation stage will provide an opportunity for attendees to engage and debate with industry experts.

“This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the future of Africa and comprehend the ways in which it will be influenced by global technological and ecological shifts. Our aspiration is for attendees to glean invaluable perspectives into the risks and opportunities brought about by these disruptions, and devise effective tactics to prepare for the future..”

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About Institute for African Futures (IF/AF)

Institute for African Futures (IF/AF) is an independent dream and

think tank that will serve as a platform to chart Africa’s shared future course and create a compelling vision of the continent.  

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About Guild of Future Architects (GoFA)

Guild of Future Architects was launched in 2019 to galvanize future architects around the world to engage in a 100-year co-creation process to transform societies based on the elevation of beauty and justice. Learn more at:

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