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Maurice Waters, President

Maurice Waters started his career in the Philadelphia media market as a reporter, producer, and programming assistant. Starting in the 90s, he has produced and hosted numerous  Black Sci-Fi Panels and workshops along the East Coast that focused on the Black Sci-Fi enthusiasts and those who are trying to break into the sci-fi industry. He’s worked with Temple University’s PASCEP program, Art Sanctuary’s Celebration of Black Writing, and the Big Apple Comic Con. For 6 years he was the Vice President and Event Coordinator of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia. This national convention is the largest gathering of its kind on the east coast.  Through his works, he realized the demand for Black Sci-Fi products was increasing; and being a longtime collector himself, Waters decided to combine his passion for the genre with his extensive media experience. As a result, he started BlackSci-Fi.com; a website that focuses on sci-fi, sci-fact, fantasy, entertainment, news, people, places, events, and the impact of those events on the African American community. Waters states; “We seek to inform and inspire the imagination of individuals who aspire to live beyond the boundaries of everyday life.”