August 17, 2017

Press Release

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 15, 2017) – As part of a closed beta, SQUARE ENIX® offers North American mobile gamers the chance to play and ultimately define the future of a new fast-paced action MOBA, FLAME vs BLAZE™. The beta test is now accepting applications and be available exclusively on iOS devices.

By registering at the official FLAME vs BLAZE beta webpage, players will have a chance to participate. Full details on the beta test, including the start date of the beta period will also be available on the site:

FLAME vs BLAZE features real-time matches where players attempt to defeat the opposing team’s living base, or Reactor. In addition to head-to-head combat, players can help lead their team to victory by recruiting defeated monsters as allies, and gathering resources to strengthen their team’s Reactor. The game includes the unique “Mode Shift” system, which allows players to transform their character and gain new abilities, providing multiple playstyles for each character.

A new gameplay trailer also debuted today, giving an closer look at Mode Shifts, Reactor battles, and more. The trailer can be viewed here:

FLAME vs BLAZE will launch on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices in 2017.

Official Twitter: @FLAMEvsBLAZE

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