Black Tribbles’ Inaugural RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival Comes to Philadelphia

March 13, 2019

Press Release

Inaugural festival to feature weekend of women-led podcasts, live music performances, festival vendors, charitable endeavors and moreM

Philadelphia, PA – The Black Tribbles radio show announces the inaugural RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival to be held August 24-25, 2019 at Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse in Philadelphia, PA. The festival will feature women-led podcasts presenting diverse content, live music, festival vendors, giveaways and charitable contributions.

The Inaugural Women’s Podcast Festival’s primary programming aim is respect for the varied voices and content women bring to podcast platforms. “It’s exciting that women and marginalized groups are finding space in emergent media. We don’t have to wait for mainstream media to give us a seat, we can create seats ourselves for audiences valuing these voices,” said Timaree of the Sex with Timaree podcast.

While focused on women’s perspectives, the festival is for anyone interested in supporting female narratives. “I want to build on our 2018 #misogyNO campaign and present a platform where women’s voices are celebrated, uplifted and heard. Podcasting is currently the most exciting medium going and the female presence is strong,” said Len Webb, Producer of Black Tribbles and RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival. “On a personal level, my mother – Bea Webb, a businesswoman and entrepreneur – had this idea of teaching cosmetology to five to six select young men and opening a shop called Him for Her.She passed away last year. I guess this is sort of my way of following up on her plan.”

Podcasters and vendors interested in festival participation may visit for submission information. All submission forms must be received by April 30th. Selected podcasters and vendors will be notified by May 30th. Potential sponsors may also visit the festival website for sponsorship information. Festival tickets will be available for purchase April 1st on Eventbrite.

As RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival takes place just ahead of back-to-school season, a portion of festival proceeds will be donated to Philadelphia School Partnership: a non-profit organization with a mission to improve outcomes for low-income students and respond to the demand of families by expanding access to great schools, TeachPHL: an online resource providing aspiring and current teachers, school administrators and support staff in various Philadelphia schools with information and resources necessary to ensure every student receives a quality education and Donors Choose: a nonprofit organization connecting those wishing to help classrooms in need.

About RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival

RESPECT: Women’s Podcast Festival is a festival committed to upholding women’s voices in the podcast medium. The festival’s mission is to present a platform underscoring the diverse, thought-provoking content women deliver in emergent media while celebrating the belief that women should be seen and heard.

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