Brobot Smile: Episode Five

December 15, 2016


In an exclusive team up with, check out episode five of Darian Dauchan’s The New Adventures of Brobot Johnson series, titled Brobot Smile: Episode Five.

Look out for episodes to post on on upcoming Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Summary: Episode Five of the Sci Fi Hip Hop Web Series: The New Adventures of Brobot Johnson. Follow the journey of Brobot Johnson, an android newly invented by a scientist named Professor Toussaint, and his quest to learn the basic fundamentals of how to be a little more human one mundane but miraculous experience at a time. A Sci Fi Hip Hop transmedia piece written, starring, directed and composed by Darian Dauchan.

Check out an exclusive interview with Dauchan here. Head to and for more information about the series.

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