Forget your plans for the future; There’s Only Right Now

Written by Tiara Jante

November 3, 2018

Imagine being told that the past and the future are merely distractions from a personal power that exists in the present or “now”, and once we align ourselves with “the now”, we are able to tap into those special gifts that are accessible to every human on the planet.  Then, imagine being told that not only do you have access to those gifts, but your particular set of gifts are more extraordinary than most. This is exactly what happens to Dr. Asante Argueta in T.O.R.N.: There’s Only Right Now, the debut sci-fi political thriller from spec-fic newcomer, Ampora Yazdani, that will have you on the edge of your seat from the first paragraph.

From shadow governments, brainwave entrainment, quantum computers, diabolical scientists and politicians, to the secret factions on a mission to help the world to awaken, T.O.R.N. takes readers on a spectacular thrill ride that will have readers questioning their own realities as they know it with each page.

Through T.O.R.N., Yazdani gives us strong female main characters of color surrounded by a diverse array of supporting characters that are reflective of the communities most of us know but is rarely displayed accurately in speculative fiction.

Most importantly, at the core of T.O.R.N., we are gifted with messages of forgiveness, self-realization, family bonds, and actualization of one’s own personal power. A fantastic tale written with a storytelling technique reminiscent of Dan Brown and Tomi Adeyemi, T.O.R.N. is the “The Matrix” taken to the next level, and the main character, Asante, is Neo 2.0.

At a time when readers are searching for more stories with characters of color who represent strength and bravery, Yazdani succeeds in delivering characters everyone can fall in love with. I see big things for this series, and can’t wait to see what unfolds as the world begins to learn, there’s only right now!

 T.O.R.N.: There’s Only Right Now is available for preorder in ebook format on Amazon now.

Tiara Janté is a writer & author from northeastern Pennsylvania. She is both a Staff Writer & Social Media Manager at, as well as Co-Editor of Black Girl Magic Lit Mag. A self-confessed social media junkie, when she isn’t online or working on her many projects, she enjoys reading a good thriller, observing hip-hop beefs on Twitter,  taking long naps and spending time with her hubby and children. Connect with her via her Website as well as her TwitterFacebook & Instagram pages.


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