Introducing ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’: A Striking AfroFuturism GraphicNovel Launching on Kickstarter

July 12, 2023

Press Release

Newark, New Jersey, June 30, 2023 – Prepare to be captivated by an immersive journey of social justice, raw emotion, and an equitable future as we announce the highly anticipated launch of the AfroFuturism graphic novel, ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’. The groundbreaking project, incorporating powerful poetry, will launch on Kickstarter on July 7, 2023.

Penned by a remarkable creative team, ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’ explores the gripping story of Research Oncologist Jazen Scott, who makes a groundbreaking discovery in the quest for a cure for cancer. However, her success quickly plunges her into a world of turmoil when she finds herself handcuffed to a hospital bed, teetering on the edge of death. Authorities relentlessly pursue her, seeking answers about a tragic shootout that claimed the life of an Anti-Terrorism Squad (A.T.S.) trooper
on the Renaissance City Turnpike.

As the intoxicating narrative unfolds, readers will be engrossed in the extraordinary tale of Jazen Scott’s struggle for survival intertwined with the price humanity must pay for this life-saving cure. The graphic novel seamlessly blends science fiction, social justice, and AfroFuturism, pushing boundaries and challenging readers to envision a more inclusive and equitable tomorrow.

What sets ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’ apart is the infusion of evocative poems throughout the story. These poems amplify the raw emotions of the characters and deepen the narrative. This unique approach fuses captivating storytelling with thought-provoking verse, ensuring an immersive experience like no other.

The team behind ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’ comprises of visionary writers, talented artists, and experienced editors committed to delivering a groundbreaking work of art. With their dedication to excellence, the project promises vibrant illustrations, compelling storytelling, and an exploration of societal themes that resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

A scene from Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete

To bring this awe-inspiring project to life, the creators of ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’ will launch a Kickstarter campaign on July 7, 2023. Supporters of AfroFuturism, graphic novels, and thought-provoking narratives are invited to join in this momentous journey, contributing towards the realization of an extraordinary vision.

For more information, sneak peeks, and updates on the crowdfunding campaign, please visit Kickstarter page link. Be sure to follow ‘Jazen, The Rose that Grew from the Concrete’ on @pbsmediastudios and @pbsoldier for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights.

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