July 26, 2023

Filmmaker and Eisner Award-nominated comic book creator Kevin Grevioux, known for creating the cult classic Underworld movie franchise, I, Frankenstein, Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel with Marvel  Comics, and Darkstorm, the Conqueror, presents his first Kickstarter campaign launching near Summer’s end.  

Recently announced by Grevioux, Djinntara: Rise of the Djinn is a joint venture between his Darkstorm  Comics & Media company and Zenescope Entertainment. Originally published in 2021 as a 3-issue  miniseries, Djinntara is now being offered as a 120-page Trade Paperback to a wider audience featuring additional story material illustrated by the amazing artist Elmo Bondoc, who also penciled the original series, as well as behind-the-scenes sketches. 

“This was a story that I’ve had in my head for quite a while,” says Grevioux. “And brings together three of my favorite genres: fantasy, monsters, and gritty detective drama. Ralph and Joe at Zenescope saw  my vision, and I feel blessed that we were able to come together and produce such an amazing project.” 

Djinntara: Rise of the Djinn is the story of Tamara Brazile, a terminally ill Washington, D.C. police detective who, while on the trail of a dangerous serial killer, discovers that she is part of an ancient race genies called “djinn”. But what happens when she also discovers that she is the prophesied leader of one of these spiritual factions who wants her to not only aid them in a war against their own kind but against mankind as well? Can she resist the temptation and maintain her humanity? Or will she succumb to the evil power that now swells within her? 

In addition, a surprise stretch goal of the campaign will be a cover done by superstar artist Ron Garney (BRZKR, Men of Wrath, Captain America). The Kickstarter goes live on September 8th and will run for 45 days. Click on the link to be notified when the Kickstarter officially launches.

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