Meet Jason B. Ryan, The Creative Behind The Black Comic Superhero

April 28, 2023

Press Release

DMV native, Jason B Ryan is a TV/Film producer with over 20 years experience in the business. From being featured in a short film for a high school project to an intern at BET, it was apparent Jason had found where his passion lies. With Jason’s background in live news networks, cable tv and producing award winning lifestyle and documentary shows he sought his passion genre of sci fi. The ability to create his own characters opened a space to feature unique, diverse characters to contribute to representation within the sci fi genre. Ultimately creating a space for black superheroes to empower communities and shift culture.

Jason B. Ryan

In 2020 Jason birthed Odd Ninja Media, which is a production company and comic publisher with a mission to tell inspiring, exciting thought provoking and authentic stories featuring culturally diverse characters through animation and comics. Dedicated to collaborating with the many talented artists from around the globe and particularly showcasing the works of artists of color and those from underrepresented communities to contribute to bringing diversity to the comic, animation and sci fi genres. Odd Ninja Media’s unique brand of original content infuses elements of hip hop, science fiction, afrofuturism, comedy, spirituality, metaphysics and action with fresh, original characters that push the limits of creativity and imagination.

Jericho Cutter

Odd Ninja Media first launched their debut comic series, Jericho Cutter in 2020, which stars a sleek, stylish, black superhero. The comic series can best be described as dark, action-packed, cyberpunk, noir series in the Sci Fi genre. The series follows the journey of a man with no memory of his identity as he pieces together memories of his past to achieve his true power and save the world from an oppressive, malevolent organization that is hunting him.

With Jason’s extremely successful and hit debut issue, he is now getting set to launch part two of the highly anticipated comic, Jericho Cutter. Written By Jason B Ryan and Art by Tonio Maicon, Jericho Cutter is approaching the World of Comics by storm, breaking barriers and empowering the masses in pursuing a journey and continuing to tell stories from a black perspective.

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