Mill City’s Finest Trailer Drops!

Written by Robert Jeffrey

March 4, 2017


The animated trailer for creator/ writer Samuel Stequoah’s Mill City’s Finest dropped today, and we have the trailer ready for your viewing pleasure below.

As a description for the project explains, “set in modern times, Mill City’s Finest follows the life of Aundre Weah, a first generation Liberian American who joins his friends to stop a threat in his hometown. They quickly find out their other personal desires are more a threat to their alliance than anything they hope to overcome together.

This story focuses more on the obstacles our characters face and explores the difficulty one faces in letting go what they hold most dear and embracing full potential and the next chapter life has to offer.”

Check out a feature story/ interview with the series’ creator here, and spread the word.

Head to these links for more information: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr all @Mcfseries.


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