New Era Steampunk Is Here, And It’s Called Delilah Blast!

February 18, 2017

Press Release

Evoluzione Publishing proudly presents the Delilah Blast #1 Kickstarter by Marcel Dupree, Joel Cotejar, Ramon Burge, and Marco Della Verde. The Kickstarter is trying to raise $2,150 to fund the printing of issue 1 of the all ages steampunk adventure comic.

The Story

Science runs the world and the Earth is governed by the E.S.A., the Earth’s Science Association. Everyone is allow to join the organization on their sixteenth birthday, but unfortunately for Delilah Blast she oversleeps, missing the entrance exams and putting her dream in jeopardy. However, when another opportunity to achieve her dream presents itself, Delilah is more than willing and ready to take it, even if it means going to a dangerous alien planet to retrieve obscure technology that could change the world and Earth forever.

 Here’s The Kind Of Reviews We’re Getting

“This awesome new comic draws you in with a little bit of mystery and hooks you with the delightfully spunky main character. She bunks the rules and owns her smarts with no apologies as she takes charge in this intriguing, futuristic world.”  Bess Goden of Steampunk Parliament

“Exciting, fresh and incredibly well done from top to bottom, start to finish this is going to remind you why you love comic books!” Reading With A Flight Ring

“The character seems to leap off the page and into your imagination as people you just meet full of personality in all the right and appealing ways.” Rob Andersin of Creators Of Written Sins

 The Kickstarter has had a successful couple of days currently being at 80%. With your help we can take it beyond.

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