On the Blerdar- Check out ‘Her: Gods and Monsters’

August 13, 2021

For lovers of fantasy and high adventure, check out the latest installment in Malachi Bailey’s Her series, Her: Gods and Monsters. In our continuing goal of spreading the word about prose works that align with the focus of BlackSci-Fi.com, we wanted to shine a light on Bailey’s new work, Her: Gods and Monsters.

As explained in a review for the series’ first installment, “HER is a wonderful return to classic storytelling with an African American twist.” From the sequel’s summary, “Integrated in the bustling modern-day world in the heart of San Francisco, CA, Safronia is the immortal woman out of time who must acclimate to a world that she hardly understands. New threats arise from the earth, the sea, and the heavens! “

Head here to learn more about Her: Gods and Monsters, and stay tuned to BlackSci-Fi.com for a review of the new book.

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