Paradigm Grey Aims to Bring Black Sci-Fi to Big Screen

November 14, 2016

The Paradigm Grey Anthology has big plans to bring Black Sci-Fi to the mainstream, reports Rolling Out.

According to the film collective’s website, Paradigm Grey is “inspired by The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, Chicago based filmmaker Christopher Adams has assembled a like minded team of extremely talented fellow filmmakers, who have created what they hope to be the start of several volumes of genre defying feature length films and television projects, with a focus on spotlighting the African Diaspora in roles you don’t typically see them in. Their first project, a science fiction anthology called Paradigm Grey, is unique in many ways that all the participating directors are African American and at least 97% of the production and post production crew is also African American.”

“This collective is an opportunity to shift the paradigm, shift the dynamic so that we are the heroes and we are able to take control of our own stories and images. We have a lot of negative imagery to counter. We also want to do some things that are inspirational. When I was growing up we had Star Wars even though many times they didn’t have people that looked like me it always made me wonder how come it was that way. We can be Han Solo, we can be Luke Skywalker” says Producer Chris Adams in a Rolling Out interview.

Read more here. Rolling Out contributed to this article.

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