Podcast: BlackSci-Fi.com Talks Black Lightning With Slice of SciFi.com

October 22, 2018

BlackSci-Fi.com contributing writer Tuere Ganges and editor in chief, Robert Jeffrey II, were recently featured guests on Slice of SciFi.com’s “TV Talk” podcast. Hosted by Slice of SciFi.com editor and host, Summer Brooks,  the trio spoke about the blackest superhero show around, Black Lightning.

In between gushing about how awesome the series is, the group discussed the current two episodes of season 2, how Thunder killed it in her very own “Daredevil” -esque hallway fight scene, and how this is the “wokest” CW show on the air right now.

Click here to listen to the podcast and spread the word.  Also check out Slice of SciFi on Twitter, Patreon, Facebook, and YouTube.


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