May 16, 2023

Press Release

04/17/2023. Randy Cornell, a new yet versatile author, has announced the release of his action-packed debut science fiction novel titled, Grandma Goody. This book narrates how an old lady takes it upon herself to punish anyone involved in criminal acts. However, this old lady is a super-powered granny who wants to use her gifts to help others.

The book simply centers around an enigmatic old woman who is bent on doing the right thing by correcting the evils in her society. Grandma Goody, the protagonist of this sci-fi novel, could be described as a criminal vigilante or an outlaw who punishes criminals, and other corrupt individuals. Her acts eventually put her at odds with the Dallas and Fort Worth Police Departments. Will this hinder her ability to dispense justice to criminals? Find out in Grandma Goody. Interested readers can buy the book here on Amazon.

Being a book with fictional solutions to universal problems that plague the world, Grandma Goody shows justice can come from the unlikeliest of places. Apart from having an appealing yet elegant cover, Grandma Goody has been carefully designed in two distinct formats – ebook and paperback and both are readily available on Amazon. Grandma Goody has been described as a page-turner by readers who beta-read and reviewed the book.

The paperback copy is listed at $14.99, while the ebook goes for $3.99.

Randy Cornell consciously put his soul and life experience into creating the book. It is a must-read for anyone with an aspiration of seeing a just society. Watch the book trailer here.

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