Review/ Is’nana the Were-Spider: Drums of Ogoun

March 16, 2023

For the sixth (6!!!) release in his award-winning horror-fantasy, coming-of-age series, Is’nana the Were-Spider, writer, and creator Greg Anderson Elysee has recruited artist Sean Hill to create a Black Indie comic all-star team! The result, Is’nana the Were-Spider: Drums of Ogoun, is a 50-page tour-de-force that continues Elysee’s mission using the series as a conduit to introduce readers to folklore, mythological, and spiritual beliefs from across various Black cultures.

A scene from Is’nana the Were-Spider: Drums of Ogoun. Image credit Webway Comics.

Considering his resume now includes work with both Marvel and DC, it is quite a statement to say this is probably Sean Hill’s finest work, with his deft, flowing linework combined with dynamic panel layouts to bring Elysee’s engaging story to life. The imagery seemingly pops off the page as we delve into the fantastical world featured as Ogoun, the Haitian Loa (spirit in the religion of Haitian Vodou), and Orisha, god of war and iron, is rightfully presented in epically visually impressive fashion along with all of the other amazing mythological creatures Is’nana faces. 

A scene from Is’nana the Were-Spider: Messages From a Goddess. Image credit Webway Comics.

Equally impressive, though entirely different stylistically, is Blossom Blair’s art on the short backup/supplemental story. Much more cartoony with a whimsical feel, it is nevertheless perfect for the tone struck in the tale featuring a meeting between Is’nana and a Haitian love goddess. This is apparently Blair’s first published sequential work, but she shows a strong eye for pacing and storytelling.

A well-established indie comic-producing veteran at this point, Elysee knows how to put together a strong product and has another winner here, as evidenced by being a Forward Fund-approved project officially featured on the Kickstarter homepage. All in all, this is a great book that is well worth checking out!

William Satterwhite is the creator of the superhero webcomic Stealth and a freelance designer, internet consultant and illustrator living in Douglasville, Ga. His professional website can be found at

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