Review/ Scorpio #3

Written by Amber T. Hubbard

April 7, 2023

Writer: John Robinson IV

Line Artist: Marco Zuffranieri

Color Artist: Viviana Spinelli

Cover Artist: Scarlet Leigh

Editor: Andrea Smith

Publisher: IV Wall Comics

Scorpio #3, “When Shadows Attack,” is the third chapter in John Robinson IV’s comic book series and the final issue of the first story arc. The book is a new and exciting take on an ancient idea, Zodiac signs. Robinson cultivated a story about the well-known and age-old astrological signs that humans have been intrigued with since almost the beginning of time.

Scorpio follows the main character Daniel Shim, who recently discovered that he is part of a lineage of warriors with powers that seem linked to their Zodiac signs. Daniel is still not sure who or what they are, but his enemies surely know and are not hesitant to take it from him. After recovering from an earlier attack at his home in issue 1, Daniel is already thrown into another attack. Other warriors are also on his side, but they also want the relic given to him by his father.

Scorpio #3. Image credit IV Wall Comics.

One such character is Naomi, a skilled Scorpio fighter. She is not to be underestimated as someone who knows and appears to accept her destiny. Robinson and his creative team create a short piece for Naomi, which gives some background to her story. Taking the opportunity to delve separately into the main characters in the story, in my opinion, will always be a game-changer for comics. It allows the lore of these stories to be built and allows the reader a chance to understand what a story is about and, in some ways, what it means to the creators.

This story unfolds surprisingly, even for the protagonist himself, but allows the reader into a world or even an unknown universe. Robinson has introduced characters such as Libra and Taurus, and I am curious to see who and what they are. These new players seem most well-versed in this secret sect of protectors. We know Daniel does not want to be involved in any of this, but his fate seems unchangeable. Faced with new adversaries on various levels, Daniel must figure out what power the relic holds and how to master it if he wants to continue his father’s legacy. That seems to be a challenge for him as Daniel has established a successful tech business and has a fiancé, all of which is not easy for anyone to walk away from, even if that may be the best choice. Hopefully, we can see what decision Daniel makes in the upcoming issues.

Scorpio #3. Scorpio #3. Image credit IV Wall Comics.

Scorpio #3’s story shows how well Robinson and his team work together to bring this world alive through the written word and artwork. Having artists that are cohesive with the writers is a vital part of comic making, and it seems the Scorpio crew has that well in hand. With an issue like this, the Scorpio comic has the potential to truly gain a following of readers that can appreciate a thought-out and accurately executed independent comic book.

As new beings are introduced, this allows for more stories to be written about the true origins of this hidden collection of warriors who protect the world from unknown and evil forces. Each new enemy can be explored because with the skill set these Zodiac signs possess, there has to be a villain that can give them an actual battle. We have yet to meet them, but they are waiting for the perfect time to show up. I believe Daniel and these Zodiac beings will be ready.

Amber T. Hubbard is a writer, journalist, and creator of Kasiah: Mother Nature Incarnate, a comic that is coming soon. She was also featured in Sheena Howard’s Encyclopedia of Comics and has been writing since she was 12 years old.

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