Review/ Super Suspense Stories: Featuring Columbia ‘Spirit of America’

Written by Judith Swanson

July 14, 2022

There is a lot to be said about the backstories of many members of the ever-growing group of superheroes that surround us. The first issue of Super Suspense Stories highlights such a backstory. This issue hits a reader right on the nose as an introduction for our main star, Columbia. As a wonderful coincidence, I read this issue during the Fourth of July weekend, which ties in perfectly with the themes of this comic book. You can’t get better timing than that.

This series is the creation of William Satterwhite. A comic book creator from Georgia, he is not only the creator/ writer but is also the series artist. His portfolio is impressive, and ever-growing including the webcomic Stealth: A New Hero for a New Millennium. He has also written for and You can find out more about William at his website

Super Suspense Stories: Featuring Columbia ‘Spirit of America’

This story for the issue, although brief, is multi-layered, and is wonderfully presented by Satterwhite, a history buff. This introduction to Columbia is not just fun but is also quite educational. The artwork itself provides just enough to cause an emotional reaction within the reader. The focus of patriotic images is on point as Satterwhite highlights how such ideals can go off track in today’s world. The artwork speaks for itself.

When you add the dialogue to such imagery, the story almost hops off the page. Columbia is humble in her super heroics and serves as an example of never-ending determination.

This issue is a good introduction to the character. I’m in anticipation of how hard and justly Columbia will strike in her next adventure. To understand what I mean, you’ll have to pick up a copy and discover it for yourself.

My name is Judith Swanson. I am an indie writer in the Steampunk genre. I am also a freelance contributor for IAMBLACKSCIFI. I have served in the Army ad have continued my career in Information Technology. I currently reside somewhere in NYC. You can follow my most recent writing by following me on Facebook.

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