Review/ The Last Line # 1

Written by Amber T. Hubbard

November 7, 2018

Writer: Lawrence King

Artist: Bistek Javier

Colorist: Splash!

Letterer: Justin Birch

Editor: Patricia Loupee

Publisher: Constant Hustle Comics

Rating: 13+ Only

The Last Line #1 by Constant Hustle Comics is about a family that may be Earth’s last hope for survival in a mystic world where powers can be attained relatively easy compared to traditional comics; one just must have the heart and the determination to achieve it. At least that appears to be what the main character, Carson thinks. He and many others have been on a quest for relics that would give them superhuman abilities and he believed that it was his for the taking.

Carson also takes his children along for these quests and they are all skilled combatants who defend one another until the death. In the first issue, the Sihls’ family is seen kicking butt and taking names, which was refreshing to see for a family of superheroes outside of the “The Incredibles” and especially for a black family. The readers can be there the moment that they became super-powered and all with an unsuspecting twist. The book is certainly action packed which is always a vital ingredient for a good comic recipe and allows us to see some of what the characters are capable of.

One of the stronger points that one can use to really get invested in the children, like how are they dealing with these adventures? What is like being a part of a team that must save the world? Does the heavy burden change the way they interact with one another? These will be some things that I would love to see explored in upcoming issues.

The main villain has a cloak of mystery about him because we do not know who he is, where he is from or what motivates him other than sheer destruction. His motives are only slightly clear, but Pyro seems like an unforgiving protagonist. It may be a while before we are able to see just how deep their battle really goes. However, Pyro might not be the “Big Bad” in this story because there is the talk of someone who may just have that role. It will be interesting to see just who Lord Omegus is.

The story is intriguing and makes readers want to know where we go from here but does leave just a little something to desire in terms of the characters back stories. There are some pieces that may have been intentionally left blurred to keep the reader asking for more, but it did slightly cause a moment of confusion as the story transitions from one scene to another at certain points. I am going to be waiting for the next issues that delve deeper into the origins of the characters powers and some more about how Carson even got started on this hunt for power.

The artwork is evenly matched with the story and writing, and the colors are bold and allow for a more dynamic page. It looks and really feels like a comic that comic geeks are accustomed to seeing, and that helps the edge that The Last Line has. The Last Line is something that most people can enjoy and will be able to keep a fan base that is all aboard this family-themed adventure.


Amber T. Hubbard is a writer, journalist and creator of Kasiah: Mother Nature Incarnate a comic which is coming soon. She was also featured in Sheena Howard’s Encyclopedia of Comics, and has been writing since she was 12 years old.

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