Review/ Zanbutu: The Unified African Galactic City

Written by Judith Swanson

July 22, 2021

What if the nations of Africa came together and surpassed the current status quo of the current advanced societies of the time? What if they took a rocket of their own into outer space? How would that work out? Imagine a space to be governed and ruled the way the descendants of Africa saw fit without the watchful eyes of those from the outside world. What could happen?

Within the pages of Zanbutu: The Unified African Galactic City, Ayo Makinde explores these very possibilities. As much as we would like to think that this is an easy and exciting concept to consider, take heed of any ideas you may have on such an expedition. Makinde will challenge your imagination and expectations with the story told within the pages of his book.

The author takes you on an adventure that includes twists and turns that make you want more. I know it did for me. The main character, Kamiti, is not who you would expect to occupy the role that he does in the story. He attempts to hold onto his morals after all that occurs throughout the novella. As you follow his journey, don’t be fooled because not even space is safe from the darkness of the hearts of humans.

This novel was my introduction to Ayo Makinde, and I have to say it was a great one. The story is revolutionary as it focuses on where the different nations of Africa can go as a spacefaring society. Wakanda watch out! We have our eyes on the stars.

Judith Joachim-Swanson is an aspiring writer. She is an independent, freelance blogger, and you can find her other work here. She is also a self-published indie writer of Cigarette (The Catcher Series Book 1) a Steampunk/ Sci-Fi adventure.

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