July 25, 2023

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JULY 14, 2023 — Omari Malik, has launched his own publishing company inspired by his  desire to see characters that not only look like him but also share similar experiences to him. 

Malik comes from two Richmond-born parents. Malik’s father was a Marine who later became a  Baltimore police officer before moving back to Richmond, Virginia, and settling down with Malik’s mother in Henrico County. 

Although his father was not what one would expect from the typical comic book fan, Malik fondly remembers his father’s profound love for comics. Malik later inherited a sizable collection of his father’s comic books after he tragically died by suicide in 2003, when Malik was just seven years old. 

Omari Malik

Ever since the love for comics that was passed on to him by his late father carried Malik to many comic conventions across the country and whet his appetite for consuming superhero content and discourse. 

Eventually, while studying at St. John’s University, Malik realized that although he enjoyed reading comics even in his adult years, he felt as though he did not connect to the material in a  meaningful way.  

“I realized that no one was doing the things I wanted. I’m over tights, I’m over capes. I’m overseeing cliché archetypes and their cliché subversions,” Malik explained.  

“I wanted something new, something cool that would speak to me and that would really speak to people who look like me—people who share similar experiences to me. Something that was for us without being forced that we could enjoy without being embarrassed about it or without worrying about how it will be perceived,” He added.

Subsequently, Malik officially launched his company in late 2022 by releasing an anthology featuring three one-shot stories on Kickstarter for Pre-Order. Each book features a black main character and three distinct styles, including a Japanese manga style.  

Adastra. Image credit Black Tooth Publishing.

The first one shot is a teen drama titled “Adastra”. It follows the story of a 15-year-old girl named  Adaysia Mitchell. 

“Adaysia has the power to shapeshift. She literally can be anything and everything she wants,  but she’s struggling to be herself, all while trying to find time to save the world,” Malik said. 

He noted that he wrote the character based on the behavior and personality of his younger sister as well as the experiences of his college girlfriend. 

“It was important for me to base her off of real people. Real women and girls who don’t get to see their unique experiences told in a predominantly white industry,” he shared. 

Dogpile. Image credit Black Tooth Publishing.

The second one shot is a manga titled “Dogpile.” The story is about a man named DaQuan  Raké, who lost his entire family in an “accident” when he was a child and rather than going into foster care, he ran away to find a new family. He found his new family in an unexpected place amongst seven dogs. Now an adult, DaQuan is returning home with his dogs to fight crime and prevent other “accidents” from happening. 

“Initially, before conceptualizing the anthology, I did research on folklore, particularly African folklore, that I believed would do well when translated into comics. One of the stories I came across was about a man and his seven dogs. I diverted a lot from the original tale, but it really took a shape of its own—which I’m proud of,” Malik shared.  

The third and final one-shot is about a young man that’s “slithering” between the paths of right and wrong. The story follows a 17-year-old named Oh, who was convinced to get tattoos by his friends after being released from juvenile detention. To his surprise, those tattoos gave him superpowers.  

Snakebite. Image credit Black Tooth Publishing.

“Oh has to decide if he’ll double down on getting into trouble like his friends or if he’ll decide to use his new powers for good,” Malik explained. 

After using Kickstarter for Pre-Orders and to spread the word about his comics in conjunction with vending at several comic book conventions, Malik has officially released his comics on  Amazon and his company website []. 

“When I began coming up with the concept for BlackTooth, I really wanted to write stories that I thought my father would have wanted to read and stories that we could have enjoyed together.” Malik said. 

For more information, individuals can also visit Also, physical copies  of the comics can be purchased at:, and digital copies of the  comics can be purchased at:

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