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Review: ‘Atomica’, A Mystery of Nuclear Proportions

There’s something about well written small films that intrigues me, and Atomica doesn’t fail when it comes to delivering the sullen and grim ambience one would expect to inhabit a nuclear waste facility. With no special effects, Atomica wins through strong characters and a well written storyline...

Q&A With Dagen Merrill of SyFy’s New Film ‘Atomica’

Q&A With Dagen Merrill of SyFy’s New Film ‘Atomica’

Atomica is a sci-fi thriller from SyFy Films,  directed by Dagen Merrill (Broken Hill, Beneath), and featuring an all-star cast including  Dominic Monaghan, Sarah Habel and Tom Sizemor.   Set in the not so distant future, when communications go offline at a remote...


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