The Online Campaign Corner/ ‘BLACK VANS’: LGBT/queer/POC cyberpunk super-hero comic

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BLACK VANS: LGBT/queer/POC cyberpunk super-hero comic

From the website:


BLACK VANS is a comic book a cyberpunk, super-hero mash up, a strange tale about pharmaceutical companies run amok in a Phuture Philadelphia, where hackers provide intel, communications, and surveillance for the slowly disappearing super-hero community. The hackers, called EQ’s, are a wild bunch– they fall along the queer/LGBT spectrum, their ranks reflecting the ethnic diversity of the city they’re from, of the world. Lead character Bo, is a plus-sized gay bear of Afro-Latino descent who always seems to be messing up. When it’s his time to step up and save the day, will he answer the call? Under the ever present eye of tech/pharmacutical maven Goran Gale, a sinister, somewhat mysterious mogul whose presence cast a dark cloud over Phuture Philly and when his super, Wildstar, disappears, will Bo be able to galvanize the EQ hacker community to find out where all the heroes went? This book is weird, political, noisy and an absolute blast.

Head here for more information.

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