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August 8, 2023

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Bovine League #2

From the website:



Created and Written by Andre Owens 

Art and Letters by Cristian Alaminos

In this second thrilling installment of “The Bovine League,” the genetically altered super-powered Cows from Switzerland return to take on their greatest challenge yet. The fate of the world rests in their hooves as they embark on a high-stakes mission to recover the stolen Cosmic Udder and the Four Teats of Matter before the sinister Cow god, Nandi, can unite them and unleash unimaginable chaos upon the world.

As The Bovine League journeys through picturesque Scotland, they find themselves facing a formidable adversary – the sorcerer leader of the land, the cow known as Black Angus. With his dark sorcery and cunning intellect, Black Angus has established a reign of terror over the Scottish countryside, using his powers to subjugate and control other sentients.

The Bovine League knows that if they are to succeed in their mission and stop Nandi, they must confront Black Angus head-on. Faced with an opponent who is not only powerful but also knowledgeable in the arcane arts, our heroes will have to dig deep within themselves and unlock the full potential of their super-bovine abilities.

Head here for more information about the campaign.

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