The Online Campaign Corner/ Nightfall pt. 3- The Witching Hour

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Nightfall pt. 3- The Witching Hour

From the website:


In The Witching Hour, NIGHT has descended on the time of man. At the end of NIGHTFALL pt.2, a crimson demon rose from the depths of the ocean and sent the world into chaos. Merlin and his OUROBOROS continue gaining power as our heroes struggle to understand the depths of evil surrounding them. Blaqfire hunts Lux and the only person that can save her is Avery the Astonishing. Justice flew off to confront the crimson demon. Kaliburn and HER are nowhere to be found. Will our heroes come together in time to stop the rise of Apep, the Devourer of Worlds? With little hope on the horizon, only time will tell.

Head here for more information.

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