The Online Campaign Corner/ Scorpio Vol. 1: Issues #1-3

In our continuing goal of highlighting BlackSci-Fi and contributions by creators of color and works featuring characters of color across the various creative spectrums, we here at are going to highlight some awesome Kickstarter, Seed and Spark, and GoFund Me campaigns you might want to donate to. Check out the below campaign, and spread the word.

Scorpio Vol. 1: Issues #1-3

From the website:


Naomi and her fellow Scorpio cohorts have been trying to unlock the mysterious box that holds the ancient mystical relic known as the “Sword of Shadows.” However, in the midst of their quest, the relic has found itself in the hands of an unexpected, otherworldly adversary. With the team beaten and Naomi crawling away with her life barely in tact, she must find a way to retrieve the relic before this new adversary can use it for evil.

Head here for more information.

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