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In our continuing goal of highlighting BlackSci-Fi and contributions by creators of color and works featuring characters of color across the various creative spectrums, we here at are going to highlight some awesome Kickstarter, Seed and Spark, and GoFund Me campaigns you might want to donate to. Check out the below campaign, and spread the word.

The Sundering

From the website:


The Sundering presents possibly the highest profile Black-owned offering in the unofficial 5E DnD space.  Starting at ~128 pages and expandable to 200+ with stretch goals, The Sundering offers something really special for every player and GM, with a diverse pantheon of gods, including Oya from the Orisha and Set from the Kemetic pantheon. The Nation itself is ruled by a trio of women of color, and the highest lawman of the campaign’s main town and his dockmaster husband enjoy a world where everyone has a place at the table. Character origins will be up to date with the newest changes, as well! 

Head here for more information.

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