Top Advocacy Organizations You Should Know

September 26, 2016

A constant occurrence that’s  become all too commonplace are negative experiences between members of the black community and the police who are sworn to serve and protect.

As I write this, the latest story is a shootout between a mother holding her child and police officers serving a warrant for traffic charges- another story where a young black life ends up dead after a police confrontation. Most stories, fortunately, but still not really, don’t have this kind of tragic end though and in light of that, here are some of the top organizations to contact if you ever find yourself in a situation where your rights as a citizen have been violated.   

Editors Note: Please note, this list is by no means definitive. Our goal is to provide a selection of choices for our readers, for if they ever find themselves caught up in such circumstances as the aforementioned. There are countless other organizations that seek to provide such assistance, and fight on a daily basis to shine a light on this continuing problem, and should be sought out. Please use this list as a jump start/ primer if ever needed. 

1. Black Lives Matter: (


At the official website of #BLM you can go to the heart of the movement and seek out local chapters which will be able to provide assistance and resources if you ever find yourself the victim of police brutality.



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