Friends Become Enemies, A King Rises, & Marvel fans rejoice

Never have I've seen a superhero/comic book film hold so much emotional, ideological heft that it left you feeling somewhat emotionally spent after the climatic clashing of ideals.


Review – Black Panther #1

......timed almost perfectly to coincide with the character’s big screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, the first issue of acclaimed writer Ta-Nehesi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze’s Black Panther relaunch is every bit as worthy of the hype!


Review- Mahou Josei Chimaka

When you hear the word magical girl, you usually think of middle school aged girls, dramatic transformation sequences, and starry-eyed views of love and friendship. Mahou Josei Chimaka takes all this and either satirizes it or dumps it on its head.

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