#Woke ‘Twitter Bots”?

August 15, 2016

“Twitter bot that helps you “stay woke” is building an activist infrastructure”, states a report on Fusion.  “Last July activist DeRay Mckesson and the technology co-op Feel Train, comprised of Darius Kazemi and Courtney Stanton, loosed a Twitter bot called StayWokeBot upon the world.”

“When the bot launched it was intended to help solve a very particular problem. “The day-to-day life of an activist on social media often involves being asked the same questions over and over, usually by well-meaning, curious people,” Kazemi wrote at the launch. “While some activists focus on basic education, many activists concentrate elsewhere and don’t have the time to perform this free labor.””

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Pic: Pixabay Stock

Pic: Pixabay Stock


Source: Fusion.com

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