Yes Abbie is Gone, But We Still Have Jenny and Agent Foster


Aside from further developing Jenny and Agent Foster’s roles’, I’m curious as to who will be cast to take over Abbie’s role as a witness. Sidebar:  Wouldn’t it be dope if we learn that Abbie and Jenny have a half-sister through their father they never knew of?  Anyway, I’ve taken the liberty to create a list of potential actresses to play the role of Abbie and Jenny’s distant relative—the one who will house Abbie’s “eternal soul”. Though no one could ever replace Nicole Beharie, I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for a little known, up and coming actress to get her break through.  It is in my opinion that the actress for this role should be in her late teens or early 20’s.  This gives the writers the ability to build the character, with fresh talent—an actress who may not be typecast in her career. There are tons of young black actresses who could do the role justice I’m sure, so after my much research here are my top 3 suggestions for the role.


China Anne McClain

sleepyhollow5Some of you may remember China from her role as the youngest sister in the film Daddy’s Little Girls alongside Idris Elba.  Since then, she has appeared in an array of movies and TV shows, and is currently part of the girl group McClain, alongside her two sisters. She is currently co-star in the upcoming Summer ’16 thriller, Brother’s Blood alongside singer Trey Songz. Judging from this 2013 interview she did for the movie Grown Ups 2, she seems to be a charming, budding young actress and this role could prove to be a big break for her.  By the way, her southern accent is adorable, and would totally work if the writers worked the Mills family’s southern roots into the storyline


Teyonah Parris

Known by many for her roles in Dear White People and Chi-Raq, Parris would be a dope addition tosleepyhollow6 the Sleepy Hollow cast in my opinion.  Judging from her previous roles, I could see her as the feisty little cousin who isn’t quite ready to learn about her role as a witness, and for damn sure ain’t about that monster fighting life—at first.  Parris is talented enough to ease into Sleepy Hollow world nicely, and could potentially bring younger fans to the Sleepyhead family.  I think she would definitely bring something fresh and unique to the series and this would definitely be a role that could propel her career forward in a dynamic way.



Aeriel Miranda

sleepyhollow7Aeriel is another fresh new addition to the acting scene.  Some of her most recent roles are in the TV show Pretty Little Liars and last year’s blockbuster film Straight Outta Compton. Youthful, as well as a good actress, Aeriel also has the potential to bring a younger dynamic to Sleepy Hollow fandom.  I admit, I wasn’t really familiar with Aeriel until my research for this piece, however, what I’ve discovered about her is impressive.  Her acting seems very natural and unforced– characteristics I personally look for in actors and actresses, because one thing I hate is cheesy, forced acting. Yup, Aeriel could definitely work!

Okay, now for a game changer—all along I’ve basically assumed that the person to take Abbie’s place will be a woman, but what if…?


While it hasn’t been determined whether or not Sleepy Hollow will be returning for another season, it is my hope that it will, and will continue to showcase the talents of a diverse range of actors and actresses.  In a time where representation is more important than ever, having television shows on air with unique storylines and environments is crucial to furthering the momentum of diversifying Hollywood.

While many of my fellow writers have touched on the widespread concern about Beharie leaving the show, and have speculated on possible reasons, however,  I choose not to address those issues here because though many of my fellow writers have made strong arguments. I’m not exactly sure it wasn’t Nicole’s choice.  As humans, it’s natural for us to want to grow and Nicole leaving Sleepy Hollow could very well have been her personal choice in an effort to move on to other projects.  Based on her Twitter feed, it seems to me Nicole’s departure from the show  is as much her decision as the producers’ ( I could be wrong though).

Finally, as I’ve come to terms with Abbie’s death, I get some comfort in the fact that she will continue on in spirit (is it possible Nicole will continue on in the show behind the scenes?).  Ultimately, I choose to believe great things are still in store for the series, and I’m holding out hope for an awesome Season 4… because I’m ‘bout that sleepyhead life!

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