Ladybug: A Fourth Period Origin Story


Ladybug: A Fourth Period Origin Story
April 30, 2018



Marle, aka Ladybug, is a grounded and natural born leader. A junior at L. A. Banks Academy, Marle has used her Avatar, Ladybug, to save the planet countless times over. Marle exemplifies today’s young black woman: smart, driven, and ready to take on the universe. When she’s not saving the world, she’s discovering her place in it while tackling the daily trials and tribulations of being a teenager. “The perpetual new kid on the block, Marle has had to struggle transferring from school to school. Her high IQ and no-nonsense attitude keep her on the move until she enrolls in the L.A. Banks Academy and her life changes forever. A technological Timbuktu, Banks Academy provides Marle with the environment and tools she needs to build her dreamed about Ladybug suit of armor. Marle receives the tools and materials as well as a little something extra along the way in a pair of mysterious earrings from a total stranger. Are the earrings magic? How then do they allow Marle to kick so much butt? Marle finds the answers to these questions and more while navigating cafeteria mean girls and defending us all from Baddies of the third dimension as LADYBUG. She is Girl Power. She is Black Sci-Fi. She is Black Age and she rocks.” -Henri-LAmar Dozier, Galactic Griot, Inc.

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