The Scribes of Nyota: A Compendium


Black and Pyroglyphics Studios Presents: The Scribes of Nyota: A Compendium
January 10, 2017



Our Voices, Our Imagination. & Pyroglyphics Studio presents The Scribes of Nyota, a compendium featuring short stories of speculative fiction from Nubian authors. These stories are presented in a myriad of forms ranging from poetry to short stories to pin-up illustrations. In Swahili, “Nyota” means star, and in the Shona language it means thirst. With so many stars in one volume seeking to quench the thirst for diversity, it is only fitting that we incorporate the word into the title of our first anthology. The goal of this project is to give a spotlight to creators and stories of the African Diaspora. Our goal is to not only provide Creators with a defined presence in the sea of publications but to rectify the exclusion of Nubian characters from the many types of stories available, especially in science fiction. By purposefully developing works with characters of color and storylines that carry themes of cultural relevance, Writers and Creatives will be able to supply the consumers with exactly what they have been craving.

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