Scribes of Nyota: MYSTICS


Pyroglyphics Studio and presents:
Scribes of Nyota: MYSTICS
Kindle & Paperback
December 9, 2018



Pyroglyphics Studio and showcases more Sci-Fi talent in the latest Scribes of Nyota anthology, MYSTICS. This anthology’s contributors: JC Cannon, Ashanti Files, Tuere T. S. Ganges, Nicole Givens-Kurtz, Tasha Holmes, Amber Hubbard, Jacquelyn Jordan, Ashanti Luke, Michelle Moses, Judith Swanson, and Thomas Webb. Edited by Robert Jeffrey II and Tuere Ganges. Cover design by Pyroglyphics Studio’s own, Shawn Alleyne. This anthology is pleased to share Bonus Material from Ampora Yazdani’s new novel, T.O.R.N. which adds to all the Nubian Magic of this compendium of literary talent!

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