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Stuff To Watch: The Dakota City Chronicles

Need something to watch while at the house? Check out the Dakota City Chronicles, featuring the David Kirkman directed fan films focused on the Milestone Media heroes/ heroine, Static, Rocket, and Icon. Static Shock, Part One of the Dakota City...


“Believe That A Black Man Will Fly”/ Final Icon Trailer

Check out the newest trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming Icon fan film. As explained by Wikipedia, “Icon is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, one of the headline characters introduced by Milestone Media in the 1990s. A being from another planet, he...


‘Icon’ Gets A First Trailer

Writer/ director David Kirkman and his team have done it again. Earlier this year Kirkman and his creative crew released a short film focused on the Milestone Comics character Static. The film has racked up 824K views as of the...

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