Stuff To Watch: The Dakota City Chronicles

March 30, 2020

Need something to watch while at the house? Check out the Dakota City Chronicles, featuring the David Kirkman directed fan films focused on the Milestone Media heroes/ heroine, Static, Rocket, and Icon.

Static Shock, Part One of the Dakota City Chronicles

Summary: As his dad runs for city mayor, Virgil Hawkins struggles with finding his place in the world and his new found superpowers. Everything is put on the line when it’s discovered some of the city’s gang activities are directly connected to those in power. Change is NEVER easy and the young hero is already in for the fight of his life.

Icon, Part Two of the Dakota City Chronicles

Summary: In 1839, an alien being crashes to Earth in the deep south, taking on the form of an African-American man with supernatural abilities. Today the alien is still alive, in the guise of successful attorney Augustus Freeman. In partnership with his new friend ROCKET, they protect the people of Dakota from it’s biggest threat yet.

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