“Believe That A Black Man Will Fly”/Check out ‘Icon’

February 21, 2020

For everyone who grew up loving Milestone Media (like a lot of us here at BlackSci-Fi.com) in the early-mid ’90s, yesterday was a HUGE day. Filmmaker David Kirkman and members of his production studio, Woke Nation Entertainment, released the second installment of the Dakota City Chronicles, Icon. And the fact that the film was released on the birthday of Icon series writer, Milestone Media co-founder, and esteemed comic book/animation writer, Dwayne McDuffie, was a great added touch.

Based on the character published by Milestone Media, the summary of the film reads, ” In 1839, an alien being crashes to Earth in the deep south, taking on the form of an African-American man with supernatural abilities. Today the alien is still alive, in the guise of successful attorney Augustus Freeman. In partnership with his new friend ROCKET, they protect the people of Dakota from it’s biggest threat yet.”

Icon and Rocket. Image credit Milestone Media/ DC Comics.

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