Exclusive BlackSci-Fi.com Trailer Premiere-Static: Casualties of War

April 1, 2020

The fine folks at Woke Nation Entertainment have provided us here at BlackSci-Fi.com the exclusive premiere for the first trailer of Static: Casualties of War. The 3rd installment in the fan film trilogy, the Dakota City Chronicles, the film focuses on the teenage superhero, Static, of the Milestone Media universe.



Static: Casualties of War “After nearly losing his father, Static (Virgil Hawkins) debates if being a hero is right for him just as new enemies threaten the city and his family.”

Ferguson filmmaker David Kirkman (25) releases a teaser trailer for Part 3 of his fan series Dakota City Chronicles. Made in St. Louis, MO

Starring: Pernell Myers, Rashawn Ewing, Brendon Ochs, Brittany “Bree” Keys, Joel Antony, Tonette Holmes, Gabriel Beckerle

Director: David Kirkman

Writers: David Kirkman & Joshua Sykes

Director of Photography: Michael Parks

Producers: Angela Guo, Joel Antony, and Jason K. Wilson

Music: The J-Squad

Production Companies: Woke Nation Entertainment, Pirate Pictures

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