MelaninGamers holds Gaming Tournament for AfroComicCon

October 5, 2020

Press Release

AfroComicCon is partnering with MelaninGamers to bring you a virtual gaming tournament! They’re bringing not one, but TWO fantastic multiplayer games to the table: Super Smash Bros. and Brawlhalla! 

Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting game stuffed full of beloved Nintendo and Bandai characters from a range of games, including Pokemon, Castlevania, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Megaman, and of course, the classic Super Mario Bros. With over 100 stages to choose from and a wide array of power moves, assistant characters, and surprises, this is guaranteed to be a fun game for attendees of all ages. 

Brawlhalla is the hit free to play platformer fighting game making waves with fans across the world. It boasts a diverse set of chibified characters based on a wide variety of myths and legends, weapons that change your style of play just by picking them up, and beautifully crafted stages that only highlight the fast paced melee happening on the screen.

Interested players can sign up for free here and here and aim for the top! Not only will they get bragging rights, but Melanin Gamers is providing a special prize to the winners!

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