Missives from the Nebula: ‘Quarantine!’

Written by Andre Owens

May 14, 2020

Its April, 2020. Locked down in Los Angeles. I am not sure that I saw a global pandemic on the horizon as another year, and decade, came to fruition on New Year’s Eve. (Yes, I know that technically it is not a new decade, not gonna argue with you, as it says ’20, so it’s a new decade to me. Sue me.)

The Quarantine has taught me quite a few things. The first, from the looks of the anti-lockdown crowd, is that those who have been stockpiling food and are end times preppers, are the first to crack under the thought on not being able to get a haircut. The Second lesson is that the Black Indie Comics industry is great, and I am proud to be a member of the gang.

I have seen the beginnings of all sorts of exciting collaboration coming out of the Black Indie Comics movement during the lockdown. Just beautiful images and imaginative storylines and ideas. I’ve seen one creator push the limits on working together as a collective, I anxiously await the results of his brilliant endeavor.

And with the collapse of Diamond Distribution, there has been more talk from retailers about thinking outside of the box and engaging with publishers directly and working with smaller and newer distributors. After 35 years, the Direct Market is looking to collapse under its own gatekeeper weight. From my point of view, this is a needed change. This virus has created an inflection point in history and things will never be the same again.

I’m personally involved in a few thrilling new projects that I’m hoping to unleash soon. From my personal books, the forthcoming Bovine League #1, to the long-awaited graphic novel, The Omegan Chronicles, the next six months will be great times at Hiro Unlimited.

Until next time, everyone stay safe and creative. We’ll get through this together.


Andre Owens is the creator of the comics Force Galaxia and The Bovine Leauge, as well as the screenwriter of the forthcoming Screen Gems, feature film Reparations. He is a former Director of Photography who has been hiding out in Los Angeles for the past 22 years. His company website is at www.hirounlimited.com.

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