Teq Announces New Courses to Support ELL and STEM Education

May 8, 2018

Press Release

Huntington Station, NY, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Teq Online PD (Opd), a leading professional development provider for educators, has announced a new line up of courses to support teachers of ELL and STEM.

The newly-released schedule of courses was created in response to the ongoing demand for STEM-related topics. The need for professional development around STEM initiatives “continues to be an area of nationwide interest and growth,” according to Teq’s Chief Learning Officer Robert-Wayne Harris. “With Opd,” states Harris, “our STEM courses focus on putting curriculum and learning before the technology. You will see courses on 3D printing, Arduinos, and robotics, but we are talking about what you should consider before bringing this technology into the classroom, and how to use it to support a standards-aligned curriculum.”

The demand for ELL-related courses stems from the New York State mandate for fifteen percent of teacher professional development to be in ELL/ENL for teachers with an ELL student in their class. Opd has responded to this need with NYS-approved CTLE professional development with ELL content that explores how educational technology can assist and enhance the learning experience of these students.

Sue Huscilowitc, Director of Instructional Technology at West Islip Public Schools and a subscriber to Opd, says that Teq has been “very timely in identifying what schools need, and what their teachers need to be effective in the classroom.” Opd, she states, “gave us the flexibility for teachers to have that just-in-time learning…and an open-ended menu of options to meet their needs.”

Opd’s consistently high customer satisfaction ratings suggest that they have struck a cord with educators with both their content and delivery. Educators on the platform are surveyed regularly, and the most recent numbers in 2018 indicate a 97.67% customer satisfaction rating.

About Teq
Teq supports outcomes by evaluating and delivering products and services for the educational environment. To learn more about Teq, visit http://www.teq.com.

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