April 19, 2019

ST. LOUIS—Lion Forge announces the official launch party for The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep, in conjunction with Awesome Con next weekend in Washington DC! Attendees are invited to attend a fun-filled, hamster-themed evening at Mackey’s Pubic House!

The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep Official Launch Party!
When: Saturday, April 27, 2019at 8:00 pm
Where: Mackey’s Public House
1306 G Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

“After years of plotting and world building, it’s thrilling to finally see our collective vision and efforts released into the wild” says co-creator Ben Fisher. “So come on out to the release party to debate the science behind the fiction (mostly with Emily, because she’s a lot smarter than me), marvel at the gravitas behind the cuteness (direct these comments to Michelle, actually, since she’s responsible for making the book look so darn good), or just complain about the bad things happening to your favorite characters (that one’s on me, probably). Cheers!”

“Ben and I are having such fun writing The Underfoot trilogy and creating this animal world, and it is amazing to finally be able to actually hold and share the first book, The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep, with our readers” says co-creator Emily S. Whitten. “The published book looks so beautiful thanks to Michelle’s art and the team at Lion Forge Comics, and we are all extremely proud of it. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do – and if you are in the DC are on April 27, we hope you come out to the party and join us in celebrating with Underfoot-themed decor, drinks, favors, contest prizes, and cake; a rockin’ DJ; and maybe even your very own set of fluffy hamster ears!”

“The Underfoot is the first full graphic novel I have completed, and it has been an absolutely incredible journey and a fantastic growth experience,” says Michelle Nguyen. “Since the beginning, I have fallen in love with all of the characters and their individual traits and quirks. I cannot wait to show everyone the incredible story that Emily, Ben, and I have built!”

The Underfoot is an epic sci-fi trilogy chronicling the animal kingdoms left to rise and fall in the absence of the Giants-That-Were. In Book 1, The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep, the valiant Hamster Aquatic Mercenaries, who were granted the gifts of intelligence and self-awareness by the Giants-That-Were and their strange science, now struggle to keep their horde alive in the dangerous new world. When the hamsters learn the truth about their past, will they find the strength to overcome the forces aligning against them, or will their tiny horde be wiped from the earth?

The Underfoot Launch Party will feature themed drinks, decor, party favors, food, cake, prizes, set to the musical stylings of DJ Bounce!

Mackey’s is only a ten-minute walk from Awesome Con, near the Metro Center metro station.

RSVP via email to

The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep is available now in comics shops, or for pre-order with an April 23rd delivery from Amazon, tied to the book’s release in stores everywhere next week!

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