4th Annual Khem Comic Fest

January 9, 2018

On April 14th, 2018 from 11 am to 7 pm, PBS Media will host the 4th Annual Khem Comic Fest at Central High School, in Newark, NJ.

The festival, as explained by the organization, “is a convention, festival and celebration. Our goal is to develop youth literacy and expression through reading, writing, drawing or developing sequential art and related media. Hence, we created a festival that will feature and promote creators of comics, books, film, and other media with a focus on people of color; culture, concepts and interests. Our festival is for everyone and a diverse networking event for professionals as well as enthusiasts to aspire, inspire and appreciate people of color contributions as it relates to Popular Arts media. Khem Comic Fest is not limited to comics. Our events highlight other literary genres like speculative fiction, as well as video games, collectable toys and models, films/documentaries, and all other media related to the Popular Arts.”

Head to https://www.khemfest.com/ and FB for more information on the convention.

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