Amandla Stenberg Leads a Revolution in The Darkest Minds

March 30, 2018

20th Century Fox released a trailer for the live action adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s novel The Darkest Minds. The first book in the The Darkest Minds trilogy, the movie features actress/ author/ activist, Amandla Stenberg (Sleepy Hollow, The Hunger Games) as Ruby. The preview features a group of children and teens being rounded up for displaying “abilities”,  against the backdrop of a bleak near future where black ops organizations capture and study them.

The preview has a strong X-Men vibe with the display of abilities on hand, in addition to a touch of dystopian future. Adding the #blackgirlmagic of Stenberg’s portrayal of Ruby, in addition to awesome actors like Gwendoln Christie (Game of Thrones), and Skylan Brooks (The Get Down), we might have a solid sci-fi adventure on our hands.

The movie is schedule for release on 8/3/2018.


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