November 13, 2019

For Immediate Release

Emerging black female director Stephanie Diane Ford is proud to present her debut short-film project, THE BLACK BAPTISM, in a 30-day intensive crowdfunding campaign to raise finishing funds through Seed&Spark.

Packed with amazing performances the film stars Amethyst Davis, in her first lead role, and Cindi Davis. The plot follows a mysterious voice and an imprisoned young woman who must pass a series of enigmatic tests or face a violent death as the terrifying situation unlocks dormant power. At the core a story of courage, this afro-futurist fantasy thriller explores themes around redemption, finding the courage to face fear and connecting to the God within using mythological concepts to visualize the protagonist’s evolution through a fantasy/sci-fi lens.

In partnership with Speller Street Films and executive produced by Christopher Everett(WILMINGTON ON FIRE) the project has wrapped production and is seeking $5,000 for post-production including VFX, sound design and festival submissions.

THE BLACK BAPTISM is a 2019 “Filmed in NC” grant recipient, an initiative of the Cucalorus Film Foundation and the NC Film Office. Out of 80 submissions reviewed by program alumni, 11 filmmakers were selected. The program supports emerging filmmakers from diverse backgrounds with the goal of increasing independent film activity.

Donate to the campaign at

You can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @theblackbaptism and#blackbaptismmovie. On the web at

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