I Am BlackSci-Fi: Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo organizer Tony Cade

Written by Maurice Waters

March 4, 2016

BlackSci-Fi.com caught up with the organizer of The Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo (ASFFE), Tony Cade, and talked about the upcoming March 5-6 event. The expo will be held at the Atlanta area North Dekalb Mall.

Tony Cade

ASFFE organizer Tony Cade

BlackSci-Fi.com: Give our readers an idea of how the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo (ASFFE) came to be?

Tony Cade: The expo grew from my experience of hosting a State of Black Science Fiction (SOBSF) Author’s Showcase in my store (Challenges Games and Comics) in 2014. I wanted to try taking that event to a different level which would celebrate the various genre talent in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.

BSF: What do you hope visitors will take from the convention?

TC: I want everyone to remember all the fun, memories, new friends and knowledge they acquired at our show.

BSF: What would you say separates your expo from others?

TC: The expo is free to the public. And I hope it has something for almost everyone.

BSF: How does it feel to essentially wear three different hats: EIC/ co-founder of Terminus Media, organizer

ASFFE 2015

ASFFE 2015

of (ASFFE), and the owner of Challenges Games and Comics?

TC: Exhausting. And I’m also co owner of Dantonio’s Pizza and Wings. But I’m working hard now on my own interests so that hopefully I can retire one day and feel I have left a positive mark on the world.

BSF: Can you give an idea of what panels/ guests will be available/ in attendance?

TC: Guests for the event include Dawud Anyabwile (co-creator of the critically acclaimed Brotherman comic book series; and character/background artist for The Wild Thornberry’s); Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams, the Tuskegee Heirs comic book production team; Casey Evans and Seth Ervin, authors of Keys of Candor; animator Allysa Lewis of FX’s Archer; award-winning Atlanta-based publisher/animation studio, Terminus Media; and the Glyph Comics Award-winning production team of the Kamikaze web comic. And performances by The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

Scheduled panels include such topics as DIY Animation on a Budget; Independent Creators of Color and Their Creations; Co-Authoring: Collaboration and Self-Publishing; and Animating for American TV. Local comic book artists, authors, and other artisans will have their works for sale throughout the weekend. Peachy Maid Café will also be debuting their second dessert-themed event, Cookie Fantasy!

ASFFE 2015

ASFFE 2015

BSF: As a comic book/ sci-fi fan growing up did you ever think that you’d be organizing such a convention?

TC: I actually thought I would have a career in journalism. But I’ve been in love with comics and chess since I was 9 years old. So I’m just happy that I can make meager living from the things I love.

Head to http://www.atlantascifiexpo.com/ for more information about the expo.




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