Kickstarter Breaks 350% Funding by Replicating 1960’s Marvel Age

September 30, 2020

Press Release


  • Creator-owned imprint connects existing titles to build a NEW multiverse.
  • Model is inspired by early publishing from Marvel Comics.
  • Kickstarter campaign focuses on critically acclaimed series, The Trouble w/Love.
  • Campaign funded in approx. 1 hour, and is currently above 350% of funding goal.

In 1961, the genius of Stan [Lee] & Jack [Kirby] kick-started the Marvel Age.  Building on established titles like, “Strange Tales” and “Journey into Mystery” — stand alone series, popularized in the decade prior — they constructed a new world; cohabited by heroes and villains, monsters and gods, that were previously unrelated.  With a crowdfunding campaign, already 350%+ of its funding goal, Victor Dandridge — The Hardest Working Man in Comics — is KICKSTARTING a multiverse of his own!

Vantage:Inhouse Productions, the creator-owned imprint, founded by Dandridge, is already home to award-winning and fan favorite series, like Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians (with Justin Castaneda), Origins Unknown (with Jacob Newell), and The Samaritan (with Ren McKinzie).  With this Kickstarter campaign, focused on The Trouble w/Love (with Harold Edge), Dandridge is weaving a connection between the four titles (affectionately called V:IPhase One), while expanding the universe with more comics to follow!

“Everything was supposed to be separated.  Four titles; each one catering to a different readership age group.  But after so long of fans asking if there WERE connections between the books, my mind sort of found a way to make it happen,” says Dandridge.  Following in the footsteps of some of the biggest names in creator-owned content like Robert Kirkman (Skybound) and Mark Millar (Millarworld), Victor has written intersections between characters and stories to entice readers with shared histories, family connections, and team affiliations.  “Even though we’re building from the ground up, so much of it will feel like it’s always been there, or at least was always meant to be!” 

On September 28th, The Trouble w/ Love Quickstarter went live, hitting its initial goal in just over an hour!  On the second day of it’s fourteen (14) day run, it’s been selected for the #ProjectsWeLove feature — one of Kickstarter’s highest built in honors.  As the campaign continues to excel, Victor has already released preview materials for the run of books (V:IPhase 2) as stretch goals, including Wonders of the Weird & Beyond, Safe Guard, and (coming soon) Point of Authority: Family Ties.  The Trouble w/Love Quickstarter campaign ends October 12th, 2020, just in time for Vantage:Inhouse to celebrate its decennial in publishing.  

The Trouble w/Love

Written by Victor Dandridge

Line Art by Harold Edge

Colors by Ryan Carter

Cover Colors by Jeff Balke 

Inspired by true events, this dramatic one-shot introduces Apex Prime — one of Earth’s GREATEST champions — as he tries to deescalate the hostage situation in his home.  Though Prime, himself, is the target, the culprit is a foe he least expected: his teenaged, empowered son, demanding answers for the affair that tore their family apart!  

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Writer. Publisher. Graphic Designer. Educator.  Victor Dandridge is a leading, new voice for innovation and production within the self-publishing market.  He’s found acclaim with his own imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions, the weekly internet review series, Black, White & Read All Over, and the pop culture podcast, Hall of Justice .  Wanting not only to entertain, but also to educate, Victor launched his U Cre-8 Comics line — a unique bridge between comics and classroom fundamentals.

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